Rh Disease

Rh Disease is pretty rare these days because of modern medicine. It was something I couldn’t find a lot of personal info about, and I thought it would be great if other women could share their stories.

Graham and I would love to have another child, but that is complicated. We have met with a lot of specialists and learned a lot about Rh, which I will share in later posts. If you have any questions or stories about Rh, I would love you to share them with me.

Want to learn more about RH? Check out this link.

My Pregnancy Saga

Pregnancy is so different for everyone and everyone has a story. Here is a little about mine. I started thinking about the power of blogging and online communities when I was pregnant with Dean. Besides being sick for most of my pregnancy (like throwing up every day, sick) I thought it was going pretty well, then at […]

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