My Pregnancy Saga

Essentially what this meant was my body felt like there was a foreign invader and my blood wanted to attack it to protect itself. Well that invader, was my precious Dean. So starting at 26 weeks I had to move to a high-risk OB office and get screened for anemia (MCA Doppler Screening) every few weeks and do nonstress-test (NST) on Dean every week. I ended up going to the doctor’s office 2 or 3 times a week. Which was incredibly difficult being a full-time teacher.

The stress was overwhelming, and I started reading message boards, academic journals, anything I could to try to understand my condition and what I could do. And what I learned was there was nothing I could do but hope and pray he did not develop anemia too early to come out.

While all of this was going on, the doctors also told me that he was underweight. I started slamming the full-fat yogurt, nuts anything I could to try and fatten him up. But I am a pescatarian so that was hard as well because I don’t eat fatty meats. I made it another 8 weeks like this until I went in at lunch on a Friday, my last day of teaching (my doctor had me leaving early for rest), I had one class left and they were throwing me a baby shower. I peed in the obligatory cup and sat in the hall while they took my vitals, and of course, this was the first appointment my husband didn’t come to because he had to teach (yep we are both teachers). I am sitting there and they nurse starts asking me all these questions. She smiled wearily at me and sent me in to see the doctor. As soon as I sat down, she told me I had developed preeclampsia and would be having my baby by the end of the weekend. I was shocked. I was 33+ 5 and felt like he was way too small to come out…