Dean’s Decor

When I found out I was pregnant, I was overcome with joy. I was overjoyed about the thought of bringing a child into our happy home.

I was also super excited to decorate a nursery (does that make me a horrible person?). I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted my little love falling asleep to every night. My husband and I tossed around ideas, and as soon as Graham mentioned a travel themed room, I knew it was perfect. 

Traveling is something we both love and think is important, so a travel-themed nursery was exactly what I was looking for. 

Check out my post on how I decorated his nursery on a budget. Also, check out his playhouse we built-in our little backyard and his new craft corner!

Dean’s Craft Corner

I finally finished Dean’s craft corner! It turned out great, and the entire area cost me under $200. I knew I wanted a space for Dean to create and play. As soon as he was big enough to safely get in and sit down in a chair himself, I started the project. I chose a […]

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Dean’s Vintage Travel Nursery

I often find myself sitting in the rocking chair in Dean’s room, my not so baby, baby in my arms, and feeling so at peace. I am so glad Dean’s room turned out exactly how I imagined. I am a serious researcher. I read tons of reviews and compare prices across a wide variety of […]

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