Teeth Whiting for Mamas Out of Time and on a Budget

For the longest time, I have wanted to whiten my teeth, but it one of those things I always put off. In the past, I have tried Crest White strips and my teeth were too sensitive and small.  The strips would always off and taste so bad, and then hurt. I have been using teething whitening toothpaste forever and let’s be honest those don’t work either.

So I just sort of put it off. Then my dentist started asking if I wanted to whiten my teeth, hint hint, your teeth are looking yellow. Thanks, Doc, I already know. I asked about the cost and realized it was definitely not in my budget. So, I put it aside like all the things I want to do to myself these days. Then I found Smile Brilliant and their at-home teeth whitening system my desire to have whiter teeth came true! It is super easy and affordable for the mom on the run and on a budget!

The Process: 

1. Order the System That Works for You
Head to their website and check out the different options. Because I have sensitive teeth, I ordered the system that helps with sensitivity. The best thing is you will be surprised by the incredibly reasonable price. Packages start at $139 for nonsensitive and $149 for sensitive. 
2. Make Your Impressions
They send you everything you need with very clear instruction. I made my impressions in 15 minutes, in my kitchen, while my son was napping. Then, send the impressions back in the included prepaid envelope and voila! Smile Brilliant’s lab creates your trays, crafts an exact model of your teeth, and hand finishes your custom-fitted trays.

3. Whiten!
I received my trays a week or so later and was ready to roll. All I had to do was follow the step-by-step instructions. You simply add professional teeth whitening gel to your trays, wear them, and relax! Let Smile Brilliant do the work. I have done two whitening sessions so far, and it is so easy. The trays fit my teeth perfect and keep all the gel in place, so it doesn’t slip all over and taste bad. They suggest 7-14 whitening sessions, which means in less than 2 weeks you can have a brighter and whiter smile.

4. Sensitive Teeth Like Me?
I have pretty sensitive teeth which contributed to me holding off on whitening. One of the great things about Smile Brilliant is it offers a desensitizing gel that you apply directly after whitening, and it really helps. The first session I felt a little sensitivity and the gel helped a lot. Then the second time I had no sensitivity at all! I was so happy.
With summer around, there is no better time to put your best smile forward.  For me, this is all the “get into summer shape” I need.
What are you waiting for? #Smilefearlessly!

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