Dean’s Dino-Mite Party

Dinosaurs are timeless and a great theme for a birthday party!

For Dean’s 2nd birthday, since we were celebrating on St. Patrick’s Day, a green Dino theme was perfect. Below, I share pictures of the party and links to where I purchased most of the party supplies.


*PRO TIP: When you can use stuff you have around the house! I love repurposing items–which makes for easy and cheap party supplies.

Dinosaur Decor

I love this Dinosaur Happy Birthday Banner I bought on Amazon. 

Also, you know I love me some Command Party Banner Anchors! I am leaving these up all year long.

My mom was super generous and bought this giant stuffed T-Rex; however, here is

a more budget and space friendly version: Inflatable T-Rex.

Dinosaur Dig

I wanted to find a fun party activity that was fun for all ages since there would be 1.5-5 year-olds at the part. The dinosaur dig was perfect.

  1. I bought containers from the Dollar Tree (yay $1 each).
  2. Then I used my Cricut to make dinosaur stickers and the first letter of each kids name. I put these on each the plastic containers.
  3. We filled them with play sand from Homedepot and little dinosaurs from Amazon. We layered the sand of dinosaurs so they would uncover them at different times. I bought this dinosaur party kit, which had a tone of great stuff in it.
  4. Each kid had a paintbrush to use to uncover their goodies and a bag to put them in.

It was super fun and cute to watch them try and find all the hidden treasure. It does get very messy, so I put a plastic tablecloth underneath, which made clean up a breeze. I was glad I did this :).

Table Decor and Food

I tried to get as much of the party supplies as I could at the Dollar Tree. I was able to get the bins for the dino dig, table clothes, some medium size dinosaurs for the table, and the yellow pom poms; all for $1 each.

I used the big palm fronds and other leaves I had from a previous party, and the burlap table runners I also had.

I purchased the dinosaur napkinsgreen napkins, and plates on Amazon.

The kids ate dinosaur pasta and loved it.


Here is a link to the food labels

Dinosaurs at (in) the watering hole.








Matching Shirts

I made these cute matching shirts with my Cricut. I bought the green baseball t-shirts from Amazon.

Sidenote: Graham and I just bought these Pumas at Costco for $25!!! Score find.

Email me or write me a comment if you have any questions about the party. It was a hit!


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