Love Warrior: The Art of Truth Telling

Sitting around the lunch table, I kept hearing some version of, “ Love Warrior. So good. You have to read it.” A few days later I heard it again. “So good right. I am so glad I read it.” I decided to ask a little more about it.

My girlfriend told me it was an incredibly realistic look that addressed body image issues, sex, a false sense of self, marriage and being a parent. She referenced a section where some college boys post a sign at a party that says, “No Fat Chicks.” I was taken aback that someone would even say that out loud.  These are things people don’t talk about, but we all know or feel. I was outraged that boys would be so brazen as to actually put that in writing. “This is why I love it. It is so honest.”

I immediately logged in to Audible and downloaded the book ( I am a BIG audiobook fan-more to come on that front later).

My friend could not have been more right. Glennon’s ( and I am going to call her Glennon because I feel like we are best friends, even though I don’t actually know her) ability to put her truth and her pain down on the page is beautiful. She is open and honest about her bulimia, her alcoholism, the “representative” she sends out into the world while she hides inside. She addresses her relationship with men, her parents, her children, and God. She lays it all out there for the reader to use as they see fit.

You might find yourself whispering, “Me too,” or calling a friend saying remember when, or silently weeping that you are not alone. I found myself reexamining my youth, and the relationships I had had with men (boys really) and how similar they were to Glennon’s. I realized I made myself act the way I thought I had to act in order to get a man or to feel “loved” and admired by them.

Without a doubt, this book will make you take a closer look at the person you are and how you got here. If you are not ready for some serious self-reflection, then this is the book for you.

Head to Amazon right now and check out all the different ways you can read/listen to Love Warrior: A Memoir by Glennon Doyle

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