Dean’s Craft Corner

I finally finished Dean’s craft corner! It turned out great, and the entire area cost me under $200.

I knew I wanted a space for Dean to create and play. As soon as he was big enough to safely get in and sit down in a chair himself, I started the project. I chose a corner of the living room where I could be in the kitchen and still see him. Since this corner is in a very visible part of our house, I also wanted it too match our decor and look nice.

I wanted somewhere for Dean to display his art, some containers for pens, crayons, stickers, etc. and a chalkboard with an art quote. So, I went to JoAnn’s and was able to find almost everything I needed. I have found similar items on Amazon and linked them as I go. You can really make this collage style wall with anything! Just be creative and try and recycle stuff you already have.

For Christmas, I asked my Dad to buy Dean a table, hence the original wood color. Once I built it and had it with the stuff I purchased it just didn’t look right, so I had him return it (THANK YOU Amazon for always being so great with returns) and buy a white Melissa and Doug Table that matched better. He also bought him the Melissa and Doug Paper Roll for easy paper dispensing.

The art display is actually meant to be vertical, but I noticed the clips could shift directions, so I adjusted them and put an extra nail in the back and hung it horizontally with twine. This made for a perfect place to display Dean’s art and fit the space nicely. There are so many ways to do this. Pinterest is your friend!

The little sign in the corner says, “This is our happy place,” and has some little hooks. I figured he could use them for scissors or other tools when he is older.

The rod and pails were so easy, cheap and cute. I bought an adjustable curtain rod and some nickel colored Command Hooks. I used S hooks to hang the three little tin buckets and…voila!

Plexiglass table cover

As soon as he had washable (key) crayons and some stickers, he was ready and raring to go. I quickly learned I wanted more space to display his art, and also realized it would be a good idea to protect the white table. I found a local place (TAP Plastics)  that cuts plexiglass and had them cut me a piece the size of the table. I also sketched the radius of the curve on the corners and took that with me so they could match that. Now the table is protected, and Dean gets to see more of his art.

Next, I wanted to display his books and put his stickers and CD’s in a reachable place for him. I bought these floating bookshelves because they were affordable and thin. I drilled a pilot hole to make it easier to use the drywall mounting screw provided.

The finished look emphasizes Dean’s “D” light he got when he was born and displays some of his favorite books.

Lastly, I bought Chalkboard Spray Paint to cover the glass from an old frame. Unfortunately, as I was making my DIY video, my husband dropped the glass and it broke  😥  So, in true DIY fashion, I forged on and used the particle board frame backing. The effect of this is a one-time chalkboard. It serves the purpose I wanted and looks like a reusable chalkboard, but erasing is difficult because the back is so porous.

 I used VersaChalk Markers and copied a design I found on the internet to make a sign to hang on top of Dean’s craft corner. I love the quote from Albert Einstein, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

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